What Kind of Claims Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help to Settle?

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An attorney who specializes in personal injury represents people who have been hurt in accidents. Personal injury attorneys practice tort law, which covers both intentional and negligent acts. They work to get accident victims’ compensation. A personal injury lawyer will review your case details and evidence, including your employment history, wages, and family circumstances. Personal injury lawyers have extensive experience negotiating settlements.

Examples Of Personal Injury Claims

There are many types of personal injury claims. Many are based on other people’s negligence, such as a car accident. Some are based on medical malpractice, such as a doctor failing to diagnose an illness and causing injury. In New York, personal injury laws allow for compensation for intentional harm. For instance, a drunk patron at a restaurant or bar can inflict injury on an innocent bystander, which may be a viable claim. The venue could be held liable for its negligence, and the victim could sue.

Medical Malpractice Claims

In a medical malpractice claim, the compensation sought by the victim will depend on the type of malpractice and the specific injuries the patient suffered. A lawyer like in Breakstone, White & Gluck can estimate how much compensation is appropriate to demand, and then the judge or jury will decide. The attorney will help you collect evidence and determine if the case is worth pursuing. You may also seek financial damages for pain and suffering.

Car Accident Claims

A car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve if you have been injured in an accident. The compensation you receive for car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages is contingent upon the severity of your injuries and the property damage caused by accident. Your attorney can help you demonstrate these damages and prove that you deserve a settlement for your injury. The right lawyer can also explain how your injuries have changed your life.

Slip-And-Fall Claims

You need a slip-and-fall attorney to fight for you when you’re hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. While most slip-and-fall cases are settled out-of-court, some slip-and-fall cases can go to trial. A personal injury lawyer can fight for you and negotiate the settlement. In addition, they know how to deal with insurance companies and present your case to them for maximum compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

A workers’ compensation claim can be relatively straightforward when the victim has legal representation. An attorney can familiarize themselves with the facts of a victim’s case, help fill out necessary documents, and gather documentation from other parties to speed up the process. While an attorney’s services may not be essential for every worker, it is always a good idea to retain a legal representative to protect your rights.

Steps In Settling A Claim

There are several steps involved in settling a personal injury claim. The first step is to collect all medical records and bills. Next, you should insist on getting a written report of the accident. Include contact information for the insurance company, at-fault driver, and witnesses. After gathering all the evidence, you should present your case to a judge. The judge will issue an Order of Settlement specifying the next steps. The at-fault party’s insurance company usually pays the settlement amount.