5 Main Difference between Company Setup in Dubai and Sharjah

5 Main Difference between Company Setup in Dubai and Sharjah

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In this section, we present a clear list of differences between Company Setups In Dubai And Sharjah.

1. Cost of running your office

If you have a strict budget, then you must take a look at the office rent at both places.

Sharjah has many locations where you can open your offices at highly affordable costs. The rent in the prime locations of Sharjah is more but is still lesser than that in Dubai. As the office rent is paid monthly and you also have to deposit a security amount, if you are a start-up, you must choose the business location carefully.

2. Cost of business license

The cost of a business license in Sharjah is 13% of the office rent and other operational costs. The cost of a business license in Dubai depends on various factors and is a little more than in Sharjah. However, Dubai offers more customization options to the business people and allows them to enjoy a better and more diverse investment portfolio. So, all in all, the major differentiator is the rent. This is why people still opt for Dubai.

3. Setting your company

The process for company setup varies across the entire UAE and had many differences based on the type of business, nature of the business, nature of the investment, the nationality of the businessman, sponsorship and operational requirements of the business, etc. In Sharjah, third-party approvals are there which are not mandatory in Dubai. This also might vary from one business to another.

4. Naming your business

Sharjah has a regulation as per which you can only have Arabic names for your business setups. However, in Dubai, there is no such restriction and you can choose any type of business name.

5. Professional assistance

Dubai is more developed than Sharjah and has a highly diverse pool of investors. This means that you can find almost all types of professional assistance here as compared to Sharjah, where the availability of complex business consulting and advising might not be at par with Dubai.

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This completes our discussion on the major differences between company setups in Dubai and Sharjah. We hope all our readers find this discussion helpful. For more expert information, you can reach out to us in the comments section.