Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist

Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist

Highlighting your waist can make the difference between a disproportionate figure and a visually harmonious one. Here are the top 4 easy ways to define your waist! A wasp waist and an hourglass figure are considered universal benchmarks of femininity, health and vitality. So today I will give you some tips of how to draw the attention to your narrow waist with the help of your clothes and accessories.Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist

1. Volume differences
An ample skirt and a tight shirt or a loose top and skinny jeans – the contrast between the sizes of the clothes you wear will highlight the place where they meet: on the waistline. When you mix two pieces of clothing, take into account their volume and associate them so one intensifies the other and avoid the competition between two similar sized pieces. This way your waist will appear slimmer.

– To emphasize it even more, wear a belt. If your waist is already highlighted naturally by your constitution, wide belts are welcome. If you lack a defined waistline, thin belts will create the illusion of a slender middle, but without overdoing it. Leelee Sobieski knows!

Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist 2

– The effect is strengthened if you use this very popular trick from the 50’s: add volume to your breasts trough the cut of your top or with the help of a push-up bra. This will emphasize an even thinner waistline in comparison with a flared or ample skirt. Just take a look at Taylor Swift!

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2. Halfway
“I know that if I mark my waist I will create the effect of longer legs and a pleasantly proportioned figure, but I want to hide my butt”. I hear this all the time. Many years ago I was watching with fascination the styling tips used by the costume designers of the French version of X Factor. There were various figures, far from standard, but properly balanced by tailoring and accessories. For highlighting the waist they tucked in the front part of the top and left the back part free to hide what needed to be hidden. This way you will add interest to the front and distract the attention from the back. Take a cue from Kristen Stewart or Nicole Ritchie.

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3. Tie knots, drape and full the eye
Beside the belt the need to move the interest to your waist, to symmetrically divide your figure, has other solutions: knotting your shirt or draping the length of your top with a brooch. Chanel Iman, Annalynne Mccord, Eva Mendes and Minka Kelly are all on top of these trends.

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– For a nonchalant look, play around a bit and improvise. A loose shirt with a belt at the waist sounds trivial. But a loose shirt with a knot, will create the necessary volume with a pencil skirt to get that impression of a thinner waistline.

– You can also use a large broche and a loosely knitted sweater and drape its hem near the hips to balance or, why not try a sweater dress and apply the same tactic but on its width – slim it down right on your waist, and pin your broche. This is a simple trick to draw the attention on the waistline and get harmonious proportions, plus it highlights your creativity and potential.

4. Contrasting colors and textures
Even if your pants are fitted perfectly, you still need to use a belt. The texture, even the color of the belt will optically emphasize the difference between the legs and the torso. This way, you will be able to notice if your legs are shorter or your torso is longer and how to balance out this small inconvenience. The waist is visually raised if you place your belt over your shirt or if you use a baby-doll or empire cut. This will create the impression of a slender figure with long legs. Cheryl Cole is heavily relying on this trick.

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 Written by Noemi Szoke

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