My Social Book Reviews (Coupon, Discount): Turns Your Facebook Into a Book!

My Social Book Reviews (Coupon, Discount): Turns Your Facebook Into a Book!

A short time ago, I had discovered a site, My Social Book, that turns your Facebook into a book. How slick is that!!

My Social Book Reviews (Coupon, Discount)

My Social Book Reviews (Coupon, Discount) Turns Your Facebook Into a Book!

I simply needed to try it out; the site was putting forth a 25% off in addition to free shipping. You can find My Social Book’s discount details at the end of this article.
The site is My Social Book; you get to pick whether you need to make a book for yourself or a companion.
It will request that you link it to your Facebook to gain access to timeline information.
I made a book for myself and I chose to do the year 2012.

My Social Book Reviews (Coupon, Discount) Turns Your Facebook Into a Book 2
I needed to simply do 1 book to begin with and see the result before making a purchase on every one of them. The site will lead you through the difficult part, and how to go about selecting your profile and cover photo on the front of the book. You pick if you would like remarks, status and photographs to be incorporated in your book, so I chose all posts on my Facebook in the year 2012 to appear.
My book is made up of 199 pages, with a soft cover, which may be changed later on in future to a hardcover that are tough and can last longer.
I think this is an incredible idea to post on Facebook, most especially if something huge happened in your life. I’m taking a shot at assembling my 2011 book at this time; this was the point at which I discovered I was pregnant with my girl. When this was announced to my loved ones through Facebook, they couldn’t help but leave a comment.
This book likely won’t be so awesome for some people that just much of the time post on their Facebook.
Since I got some answers concerning this site, I’ve been attempting to post a great deal all the more about the exercises we do as a family or enormous life occasions— even post photographs while on my telephone with my children.
Towards the start of each chapter is summary outline that shows your most loved status, the number of photographs, remarks and your status update for one month.
You can bet it will be a great deal of fun for the children—or even grand children— to reflect back on these books when they are much older.
I adore the thought of this so much, I cannot hold up to get more!!

Here I summerized some advantages and disadvantages of “my social book”:

The advantages:
It’s simple! I need simplicity in my life.
It’s fair quality. Some of my photographs have grainy textures, yet they’re iPhone photographs that have gone through Instagram, so I wasn’t expecting high quality here. It’s more essential to me to have the memories caught, than to have them be great.
I adore having such an extensive amount of my year, together in one spot.

The disadvantages:
Not a ton of space for customization. In the matrix of 4 photographs that begins each one area, the photographs are trimmed to squares. You can’t see this in the sneak peak and can’t pick how the square is being cropped. A few crops turned me off, however it wasn’t a big issue; just as with the arrangement of the “Most Liked Pictures” page.

Anyhow, it’s worth a try and I’m 100% sure you will love it!!

Try it and get 25% off today!


  1. Awesome!! Good quality. I love it sooooo much!

  2. Wonderful experience! My parents love it very much 😀

  3. I just received it yesterday and very satisfied. I’m going to buy another one 2 months later.


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