Jacob Time: Up to 90% Off the Largest Fancy Watches Collection, 3 in 1 guarantee!

Jacob Time: Up to 90% Off the Largest Fancy Watches Collection, 3 in 1 guarantee!

Jacob Time is a family owned company and the people behind the company has been in the watch industry for as long as 25 years! It is not only one of the largest online retailer for watches and other luxury items, now Jacob Time has also become one of the largest timepiece distributors in New York and it is also developing rapidly in the other countries.

Here are a few things I like Jacob Time.

1. Jacob Time has the largest watches collection of the latest lifestyle and fashion


2. Same day shipping available. If you place the order before 12pm Eastern your order will be on its way before the end of the day!

3. You can get new coupons from time to time. The newest coupon is 5% off on certain items already discounted up to 90% off! You can check out the official site for more coupons!

special items

4. Unlike the other watch sellers, Jacob time offers 3 in 1 guarantee. These are:

$10000 ID theft protection: you receive comprehensive coverage
$1000 purchase guarantee
$100 lowest price guarantee: if means if the store price drops they will pay the difference

5. Full online support available. You can contact them via emails, online forms, phones or live chat. Usually you will get their response instantly.

6. Free shipping available. If you purchased over $99.99, Jacob time will cover the whole shipping fees for 48 contiguous USA states. And every item you have purchased will be fully insured.

7. Positive reviews. If you do more researches online, Jacob time has a lot of positive reviews and most of the customers are returning customers.

8. A disadvantage of the site is it you have to buy quickly before the item goes out of stock. 2 weeks ago when I chose a watch for my girlfriend I didn’t buy immediately and yesterday when I wanted to buy it the item is already out of stock. Then I have to buy it at another website which costs me $48 more and the shipping is also disappointing compared with Jacob time’s.

So do not miss anything! You will have an unforgettable shopping experience!

Visit the official site below!


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