How I Recovered From 26 Years of Left Lower Back Pain?

I suffered from recurring left lower back pain for almost 26 years since I was 37 years old, although the pain was endurable most of the time, nevertheless, sharp back pain happened from time to time, and the hits were so bad that I had to stay in bed for a couple of days. I attempted several treatments such as medical treatments and acupuncture and some others but none of them worked and I found painkillers made my situations even worse.

Couple of months ago I actually had a severe sharp back pain in my lower back. I had an MRI done that showed spinal stenosis and some deterioration due to arthritis. My doctor asked me to undergo surgery if my pain persisted. I was tired of surgery and i am thankful today that My husband found a book “Chronic back pain gone, the 10 minute miracle method for back pain relief” for me and the book saved my life. My husband learnt a back pain therapy from the book and performed on my back. The book featured a 10 minute back pain treatment commonly seen in Asia. I felt an immediate relief after 2 sessions and after a few months I was able to do all those exercises that my doctor once asked me not to do.

The therapy featured in this book is a healing art absolutely. Recently more and more western researchers began to study this therapy and there’re a lot of studies you can find online. Everyone with chronic back pain like me should definitely read it.


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