Emily Blunt Hairstyle: 5 Simple Steps to Get Classic Side Bun!

Emily Blunt Hairstyle: 5 Simple Steps to Get Classic Side Bun!
Emily’s sleek bun drew an inspiration to many including hairstylist Laini Reeves. For the New York City premiere, He collaborated with Emily and makeup artist Jenn Streicher to come up with Emily’s look. They drew inspiration from the strapless Prada column gown in lipstick red, clashing with the hot pink accessories. From there he decided to create a sleek, classic and simple side bun to echo the ultra-modern lines of Emily’s gown.Emily Blunt Hairstyle 5 Simple Steps to Get Classic Side Bun 2
Here is a complete guide of Emily’s hairstyle:
Step 1:
The first step is to prepare the hair and then give it a careful blowout with a round soft brush. This helps to smooth it and give it a sleek finish.
Step 2:
After careful misting, using a soft brush, you can brush your hair into a low sided part design on the right.
Step 3:
Next, you can use a hair band to grip a ponytail. For extra hold , light spray the hair by using small amounts of styling wax to tame any hair fly always. It is however necessary to always ensure everything is in place before you prepare the bun.
Step 4:
If you care about texture and wish to make a good smooth texture, you can back comb the ponytail lightly. This makes the hair easier to secure. You can then spray it again to for a better hold.
Step 5:
Use Bobby pins to twist and hold the pony tail at the nape just behind the ear. For a perfect finish, you can spray the bun again to ensure a long term hold.

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