Cartier Trinity Ring

Cartier Trinity Ring

It is a stylish and sophisticated ring which is more or less a century old built out of magnificent designs. It is one of the greatest masterpieces designed by Cartier Trinity jewelries with three bands of grey, yellow and pink gold to make it exquisite and striking.Cartier Trinity Ring

It absolutely was designed by Louis Cartier in 1924 at the request of the French entertainer and writer, Jean Cocteau. The design and style is still highly valued as at today that makes it extraordinary. Despite having the great trends in the 1920s such as the Art Deco era and Flapper style, Cartier was nonetheless famous with his colorful creations which were without unique touches.

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Diana’s Cartier Trinity ring

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The bands in the Cartier trinity ring signify fidelity, alliance and love which has made the design a charming one for relationships. With the ring and bracelet in stock, the jewel company has grown to add earrings, necklaces, colored stones, pearls, and a trio of gold hearts as well as pavé diamonds which is one of the latest in their collection. Yet another outstanding design which has recently been added to their collection is a retro trinity ring which has been customized into a glimmering engagement ring with pavé diamonds implemented to cover the three bands. Other new rings have been given a new style with the inclusion of pink and blue sapphires to furnish a multicolored design.Cartier Trinity Ring3

In an event to create a durable and well-preserved jewelry design, Cartier recently reshaped the rings into three interlocking hearts rendering it more captivating and alluring.

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