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Looking for dating advice and dating tips? You have come to the right place! Stylewithshannon.com is blog about dating advice and fashion ideas.

It is dedicated to sharing with you the best dating tips and advice, as well as celebrity-inspired fashion trends that are most affordable!stylewithshannon affordable celebrity style

¬†Update: We don’t accept guest post any more!

15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love the fashion blog! I know who to come to now for fashion advice. I love the maxi dress outfit. You are so beautiful!

  2. I hope I got it right. Yes, Target is great and being from MN get to see the big store. I agree that I find way too much when I go there. I probably would buy a sweater or sweatshirt or accessories. Thank you!

  3. Hey girl my friend and eyelash girl just told me about you! So checking things out and we do have a ton in common…I am as fashion blogger/fashion stylist/mom of 4….anyways wanted to connect I have so much work right now wanted to see if you wanted to talk about working on some of my clients for me? email me at jenbiggs@me.com thanks love love your blog super cute!

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