How to Tie a Tie For Men: How to Wear a Tie for 6 Events and 8 Most Common Mistakes

How to Tie a Tie For Men: How to Wear a Tie for 6 Events and 8 Most Common Mistakes

How to tie a tie? A fabulous brightly colored tie with a nice print or pattern on it with a solid sweater looks very professional,” Stafford says. If a person is going to wear a solid sweater or a v-neck sweater, a tie with a color or print can be worn. For a casual situation, you can change your tie to a scarf. Just read how to wear a scarf for more styling tips!how to wear a tie for men

1. How to wear for an important presentation:
Stafford suggests wearing a tie with a catchy print for meetings where the person is going to be the center of attention. Strips can be put aside for that day and bold designs and prints can be chosen. Wearing a different and bold tie showcases your the person’s confidence wearing it. For important meeting, spread shirt collar with wider knots or the European knots like the Prince Albert should be used.

2. How to wear for a job interview:
In job interviews, ties with a unique style and design should be chosen. Such designs and styles should not invite criticism but should become the center of attention. This will help the person gain confidence as he is different from all others. Such ties can include a background pattern with a solid color. A conservative suit with a bold color tie and an interesting fabric will make the person do wonders.

3. How to wear for a networking event:
Ties can act as a great topic for starting conversations. Wearing different yet elegant colors without the unusual red and blue stripes will help in gaining confidence on such occasions. Ties with childish patterns and slogans should be totally ruled out because they are an embarrassment and challenge the seriousness of the person wearing them.
The tie should at least compliment with a color of the pocket square, if worn.

4. How to wear for a formal event:
A black tie has almost been fixed for formal events as a tradition. A black and white polka dot tie may also do wonders on such occasions.

5. How to wear for an office holiday party:
on occasions like parties which are not casual and formal, bright color ties are the best option. They would bring out the young part of the man on such occasions.

6. How to wear for a television appearance:
Stripe ties should never be worn to the television programs. Instead of stripe, a single color tie would do the wonders and will appeal to the viewers in a way that their eyes will be fixed upon the person on television.

Here are the eight worst mistakes any man can make when you tie a tie:

#1: The Poorly Tied Tie
A poorly tied tie is one which is either too short or too long or with an inappropriate knot that does not cover the collar gap completely. The tie knot should also not reveal the narrow end of the tie.

#2: Too Shortly Tied Necktie
A tie which is too short will ruin the impression the person makes and he will be the center of attention for all criticism. A normal tie should end near the middle of the belt buckle. Long length ties are being offered by designers to tall men too.

#3: Kitschy Novelty Ties
Novelty ties are the best choice for all occasions except days like 4th of July, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas and National Bow Tie Day. A novelty tie is one which has a bold yet elegant print on it.

#4: Clashing Colors & Patterns
The color of the tie should compliment with the color of the shirt and suit. Ties of wrong colors look out of place and ruin the image that the person portrays. Any color tie will compliment with a white shirt worn with a navy blue or charcoal suit.

#5: Wrinkled and/or Stained Neckties
The necktie is the center of attention in all tie bows. Therefore, neckties should not be stained or wrinkled. Neckties should be removed after each occasion since they cannot be washed if stained. By hanging ties over a tie rack or hanger, they straighten out during the night. No tie should be repeated for two days in a row.

#6: Wrong Tie Width
The width of the tie is dependent upon the body type, dress shirt, suit and tie knot. Slim ties do not look good on a boxy cut, wide labeled suit.

#7: Choosing the Wrong Tie for a Particular Dress Code
There are some occasions and ceremonies in life which demand a specific dress code and tie. Such ceremonies include the white tie occasion and the black tie dress code, where a white self tied pique bow tie and a black self tied bow tie are the requirements.

#8: Accessory Overload
The most frequently used necktie accessories include tie-clips and bars, tie pins, and tie chains. Addition of a tie bar will make a person look elegant and unique. The necktie accessories should be slim and elegant. Accessories like tie pins, chains and collar bars should not be used because they are outdated.

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