Red Carpet Style: Top 14 Celebrity Red Dresses

What could be sexier than a bright red dress? Read the following “Top 14 Celebrity Red Dresses” below! Read dresses can turn, in a matter of seconds, an ordinary girl into a diva. A red dress will always attract the eye, will always exude sensuality and arouse passion and the most important aspect, a red dress will always give a certain attitude to the wearer.Red Carpet Style Top 14 Celebrity Red Dresses photos Regardless of trends and eras, the red dress is exactly that timeless piece that will n[......]

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Top 19 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses of All Time

The most beautiful wedding dresses have been worn throughout history by celebrities who made them look even more glamorous. Some seem to be inspired by romantic movies with happy endings, others by enchanted fairytales with princesses. I’m talking about Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Kate Moss. All these famous brides have one thing in common: an unforgettable wedding dress.Top 19 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses of All Time

Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer in 1954. They met o[......]

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Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist

Highlighting your waist can make the difference between a disproportionate figure and a visually harmonious one. Here are the top 4 easy ways to define your waist! A wasp waist and an hourglass figure are considered universal benchmarks of femininity, health and vitality. So today I will give you some tips of how to draw the attention to your narrow waist with the help of your clothes and accessories.Top 4 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist

1. Volume differences
An ample skirt and[......]

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What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding? Top 8 Celebrity Red Carpet Style!

Are you invited to your best friend’s wedding? Or an elegant party? Still not know what to wear to a spring or summer wedding?  I have lots of ideas to suit any special occasion. I know that the wedding season has just started, but I’m sure you already marked down several events you need to attend, so I’ve gathered up a selection of dresses that you can wear to any spring wedding or summer wedding this year.

Searching for a dress for a spring[......]

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How to Wear a Tie For Men: What to Wear for 6 Events and 8 Most Common Mistakes

How to wear a tie? A fabulous brightly colored tie with a nice print or pattern on it with a solid sweater looks very professional,” Stafford says. If a person is going to wear a solid sweater or a v-neck sweater, a tie with a color or print can be to wear a tie for men

1. How to wear for an important presentation:
Stafford suggests wearing a tie with a catchy print for meetings where the person is going to be the center of attention. Strips can be put aside[......]

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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest? 9 Rules and 7 Celebrity Outfits

Are you attending a summer wedding? Do you know what to wear to a summer wedding as a guest? Here are 7 celebrity outfits that will look perfect!

The eternal question: what should you wear to a summer wedding if you’re not the bride or a bridesmaid? Well, here is a short guide with 9 rules that you can follow for a successful look.

  • Firstly, you should avoid white dresses: etiquette dictates that white is reserved for the bride.
  • If you wa[......]

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28 Things You Should not Wear to a Wedding as a Guest!

Looking for what not to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest? The dress codes of weddings are decided mainly for a common reason-the person attending the wedding should not look gaudy, scurrilous or put of place. Following are 28 items that should never be worn to a wedding as a wedding guest! 28 Things You Should not Wear to a Wedding as a Wedding Guest.28 Things You Should not Wear to a Wedding as a Wedding Guest

1. A white Dress
May be wearing a white dress to a wedding is an old custom or an old fa[......]

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Basics and Fundamentals: What is Your Body Type? How to Dress for Your Body Type?

Do you know what your body is and how to dress for your body type? After you read this post your relationship with your clothes will be one of a profound knowledge, absolute understanding and mutual acceptance. As soon as you know which body type you fall into, you will get a clear picture of what your pluses and minuses are and how to dress accordingly – to achieve that harmonious “hourglass figure”.

Our body type is conferred by our bone str[......]

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A celebrity favorite: Spring Sweater Trends 2014

For spring, designers have brought knitwear back into the spotlight, but they concentrated on one specific piece: the spring sweater. Read the following spring sweater trends 2014. Being extremely versatile, the spring sweater can transform itself according to your needs and wishes: you can wear it with an elegant skirt or jeans; you can wear it under a jacket or over a dress.

Beside the fact that it’s very easy to match, the sweater is a very[......]

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5 Ways to Wear the Crop Top

How to wear the crop top to work or to school properly? In the spring/summer 2014 season you will have the opportunity to wear the most original crop top designs ever. If last year you haven’t paid them enough attention, it’s high time to get oriented towards these designs.

The 90’s style has truly imposed itself this season and crop tops are as imposed as they can get. In all variations of colors and textures, crop tops are ideal for cool out[......]

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